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I’m in the process of moving so I can’t make my new tumblr look good but it is up and running. I’m trying to find everyone I followed here and get all my followers there. The URL is in about a week it’ll be up better and I will be on more but for now I have til Wednesday to get out of my apartment and Friday to move into the house yay!

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Kind of important

Had to make a new tumblr this one keeps kicking me out and sending me crazy emails, it won’t show any of my liked posts, and keeps unfollowing everyone. I’m overly annoyed. So if you would like to follow my new one it is lovemewitheyesclosed

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Would honestly stay in Texas for this boy and that scares me. I’ve wanted to move so bad for two years. I was so disappointed I stayed and it was over a guy and I regretted that decision and then I met him and things changed and how I feel changed I can honestly say I love him and that scares me most of all. I don’t want to give anyone the power to hurt me. He has that if I stay. Should I stay? I don’t know I don’t want to regret it again and I don’t want him to be the reason I regret it. If he seriously asked me to move in it would change if I moved or not. I would take it into serious consideration and if I did I wouldn’t leave I’d stay….. So confused. Seeing the pain in his eyes knowing ill be gone in 4 months hurts me more than anything…..